Beyond the Mundane: Sculpture in Cast Glass with Wire

Recent work from my studio includes this new series kiln cast glass pieces which suggest the hidden possibilities of nature viewed through the lens of time.  These objects are designed to transport the viewer from the mundane to the mysterious and perhaps awaken curiosity and a sense of wonder that the modern world can easily squash.  The artist's statement reads something like this:

"Nest and Berg are small mysterious relics from a magical time when hummingbirds inhabited the Antarctic.  Archaeologists discovered it the ruins of a lost civilization who worshiped this ancient species of hummingbirds.  It is being kept frozen in ice until such a time as scientists can defrost it without damaging the delicate DNA fragments they believe rest in the downy interior of the nest. It is hoped that the now extinct species of hummingbird can be cloned and brought back to life. Legend claims the bird once guided the Antarctic peoples to flowers with medicinal properties."

Before the Bloom is a sculptural interpretation of the life force found in a seemingly lifeless seed. It asks, “How one thing is alive another isn’t?”

These sculptures and others are available for sale.  Please contact me for more information.

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