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About Georgianna Krieger

If you asked her, Georgianna would tell you she sees a direct correlation between gestural drawing, her sculpture and jazz improvisation. “The media are quite different” she says, but the conceptual goal: “to explore a fleeting moment”, is the same. Krieger received her BFA in sculpture from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she studied with Walter Erlebacher and was the 1990 recipient of The Philadelphia Plastic Arts Society Award. She has created a body of work that includes sculpture in bronze and kiln-cast glass, drawings, paintings and wall hanging works in fused glass.

Kiln-formed glass has been the main focus of Krieger’s work in recent years. Her sculptures and wall hanging pieces include experimental works in mixing copper with glass. Each piece is unique and created solely by the artist. You can see a collection of her works for sale at 4th Street Fine Art in Berkeley, California.

Today, Georgianna maintains a studio art practice while also performing as a jazz saxophonist. Over the years Krieger has worn many creative hats while continuing her studio work. Her professional endeavors have included clay animation, museum exhibit design, toy design as well as music composition, improvisation and fine art. 

All of these experiences have one thing in common: creative thinking.  To share her real world knowledge of creative thinking practices, in 2018 Georgianna launched A Creativity Workshop For Everyone. This series of group exercises is designed to help adults exercise and grow their creative muscles. Creative thinking activities are presented in a group setting in order to develop a culture of rewarding creative risks. Beyond brainstorming, the activities demonstrate how to cultivated and refine a concept. Find out more here.

Georgianna Krieger lives and works in Oakland California.

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